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Welcome to Sebra, the arts directory for Conwy. It profiles artists and arts organisations living or providing a service in the county – and that’s a tremendously rich and varied list.

In this directory you will find people involved in almost every creative activity including painters, potters, sculptors, musicians, DJs, dancers, actors and dramatists, filmmakers, new media artists, writers, poets and storytellers. These range from large professional organisations to the smallest grass-roots community group.

Sebra does not provide recommendations or evaluation of the entries; its task is to draw together as much information as possible from artists and arts organisations in one easy-to-use resource. And there are over 360 to choose from!

Conwy has a long and distinguished artistic heritage in both Welsh and English languages. As far back as the late 1800s for example, artists from all over Europe came to the county to paint and draw the landscape around Betws-y-coed. But this publication will be of use throughout north Wales and beyond, for anyone wishing to engage with the increasingly vibrant and economically important creative community.

And remember, if you prefer information in print you can buy a printed copy of Sebra in libraries and galleries or contact us for details.

We want to ensure that the Directory remains up to date. Artists already in the Directory can regularly update their information, click on members above. Or if you are an artist, or represent an arts group working or living in Conwy, and your details are not currently in the Directory, Click on register above.